What is a Ballot Party?

Ballot Parties make preparing to vote even more fun!  They provide a place for you and your guests to learn about and discuss all the candidates and ballot measures you’ll need to choose between in the Midterms. You can tailor your Ballot Party to the style and needs of your group- a cocktail party, a BBQ, a civic engagement day in your dorm room, etc.- and we will provide the resources you need to make sure your party-goers can get informed about their individual ballots.


Okay, but why?

Across the country, there are 500,000 local elected officials that make decisions that affect our lives every day: setting funding for roads, monitoring our drinking water, and choosing the leadership of our schools. Yet many voters enter the voting booth and either guess at the bottom of their ballot or leave some choices blank entirely. Use BallotReady with your friends or colleagues to help you make decisions, and have fun doing it.


Who can host?

Anyone can host a Ballot Party!  Individuals, community organizations, businesses, college organizations, and bars/restaurants are all great candidates for hosting Ballot Parties.  No matter your level of political knowledge or experience, hosting a Ballot Party is a great way to bring people together around voting. Sign up to host here:

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