+ When is the election and when are Ballot Parties happening?

The midterm election is November 6th, 2018. Ballot Parties should happen anytime between October 1st and Election Day.

+ What do I need to host?

You supply the location, people, refreshments, and whatever else you need to make the Ballot Party your own. BallotReady will supply the rest. When you sign up to host, BallotReady will send you a package with everything you’ll need. Materials include:

  • A host script and general guidance for you and your guests
  • Swag from BallotReady for you and your guests
  • Information about BallotReady and how to use our tools
  • A sign-in sheet to help your guests connect with BallotReady

+ Where can Ballot Parties be hosted?

Ballot Parties can be hosted anywhere! The location is up to you- your office, a local bar, your home- whatever would be the most fun or convenient for you. BallotReady will be live and ready-to-use in all 50 states starting October 1st.

+ What are the minimum requirements to host?

You will need people, a location, and a willingness to share BallotReady (aided by the materials in our host package).

+ How do I get people interested in a Ballot Party?

We find the easiest way is to ask! Start a conversation, create a Facebook event, or send an email blast. Once you start the conversation, you’ll probably find that a lot of your friends are looking for an opportunity like this. Because who doesn’t want to vote informed?

We also recommend picking a location that’s convenient and comfortable for your guests- probably a place where your friends are already going and certainly one where they’ll feel open to engage in political conversation.

+ Are Ballot Parties nonpartisan?

Yes, BallotReady.org features a free, nonpartisan voter guide to every race and every referendum. Guests of all political persuasions are welcome.

+ Do people actually vote at Ballot Parties?

You will not actually submit your ballot at a Ballot Party. BallotReady provides individualized voter guides that allow users to research, save, and share their ballot choices, which they can then bring with them into the voting booth on election day (or earlier, if your state has early voting). Some states also allow for mail-in ballots, which could be filled in at a Ballot Party and mailed later by individual participants. You can learn more about voting in your state by checking out BallotReady’s “Make a Plan to Vote” tool.

+ What are the midterms?

Every four years, the President and Vice President are elected in “Presidential Elections.” During those elections, others are elected as well (Senators, members of the House of Representatives, state legislators, etc.) In the middle of the President’s and Vice President’s term, “Midterm Elections” happen. During these elections, voters cast ballots for other elected officials just like they do during Presidential Elections. The offices that are voted on vary from place to place, but generally, voters cast ballots for Senators, members of the House of Representatives, and state and local officials.

+ How do I get more involved with BallotReady?

Check out our Get Involved page at BallotReady.org to learn more about partnering with us.